Rapid DNA Paternity Test Kit - All Lab Fees & Shipping to Lab Included - Confidential Results in 2 Business Days

Product Description
$ 98.00


About the product

  • ACCURACY GUARANTEED: We test your samples (2x) twice. Our Dual Process testing is ran two times by separate lab teams to guarantee result accuracy. Online status updates, processing notifications, and results. Get Results or Your Money Back Guaranteed.

  • ALL LAB FEES AND SHIPPING INCLUDED: Test is for one (1) child + one (1) possible father + the biological mother (mother’s participation optional)

  • FAST RESULTS: Fast turn-around time. It only takes two (2) business days after receipt of samples at the lab to get an answer.

  • HAVE QUESTIONS: We have our customer support team that is available by phone M - F 8am to 5pm, or visit our website to chat online.

  • TEST WITH CONFIDENCE: You can rest assured your test is Confidential (securely encrypted online access), and you are testing with the most accredited DNA lab in the United States. Our lab Accreditation - AABB, CLIA, CAP, ISO/IEC by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board/FQS.





What is it?

This is a DNA paternity testing kit which determines the biological father of a child. This easy-to-use Paternity Test Kit contains everything necessary to collect and submit cheek-swab samples from two individuals - the alleged father and the child - in the privacy of your home. Get fast and accurate results for your peace of mind today.


What’s included?

The kit includes step-by-step instructions that take you through the process, and a return mailer for your DNA samples.


Do I need to pay extra in order to get the results?

There are no hidden fees or extra costs: the purchase of the Paternity Test Kit by Rapid DNA Testing covers all lab fees and shipping fees.


Whose DNA will I need?

This kit tests for standard paternity by testing DNA samples from:

  • 1 Alleged father

  • 1 Child


How long do I have to wait to get the results?

Upon receipt of the samples, we are able to report the findings to you via secured online portal within two business days after we receive the samples at the lab.


Can the results be used in court?

Results from this particular test will not be admissible in court for legal proceedings. In order for any outcome to be used in court as evidence, a notary must witness the sample collection; therefore, these tests may not be creditable or permissible as evidence in the Family Law Court. However, we do offer Legal DNA testing that will qualify for evidentiary purposes. Refer to the Customer Support information included the Paternity Test Kit.

Why is this item not for use in the state of New York?

Because New York State requires a physician or court order, Rapid DNA Testing does NOT send at-home DNA collection kits to New York addresses.