Aunt - Uncle DNA Test

$ 299.00

An avuncular test is done to determine if a child is biologically related to a sibling of the alleged father, (Aunt or Uncle). This test is a good option when there are no samples for a deceased AF or he is unwilling to test and the only relative available is a single sibling, brother or sister of the AF.

  • The report will indicate the probability of relatedness and a liklihood ratio similar to a reconstruction report. Refer to the relationship page.
  • The limitation of this test is that an uncle/aunt shares only 25% of their DNA with a nephew/niece. Since DNA is randomly inherited from our parents, siblings may or may not share significant amounts of DNA from their parents. 
  • We strongly encourage the mother to participate so we can account for one half of the child's genetic material and provide a more precise result. 
  • Inquire if other siblings of the alleged parent are available for testing. This will result in a reconstruction and the potential to more accurately ascertain the alleged relationship.
  • In scenarios with limited relatives to test investigate the possibility of utilizing Y-STR, X-STR or Mt-DNA testing as well.

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