Legal Paternity DNA Test
Legal Paternity DNA Test
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Legal Paternity DNA Test


DNA tests performed for use in a court case, such as child support or immigration, require a legal chain of custody and testing in an accredited laboratory.

Do you need a Legal DNA Test?

When you need paternity test results that can double as a legal document, a Legal DNA Test must be performed. If you are unsure of whether or not this is necessary, here's a quick look at some of the legal reasons this test is most often used.


Birth Certificate

Child Custody/ Support

Court Ordered DNA Test

Estates/ Wills


Tax Forms

Other legal reasons

When you take a legal paternity test, all of the parties being tested are required to go to a certified facility, such as a medical office, hospital, or health department, to have their DNA samples collected. When you choose to place your order with RSC, a scheduling specialist takes care of locating a nearby certified facility and arranging an appointment.

One of the biggest benefits of using RSC over other companies is that we have North America's largest network of certified facilities. This makes finding a nearby location easy!

Just search the lab locator on this page to find the nearest location to perform the collection!


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