Rapid DNA Testing Kit 21 DNA Marker Paternity Test Kit (Lab Fees Only)
Rapid DNA Testing Kit 21 DNA Marker Paternity Test Kit (Lab Fees Only)
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Rapid DNA Testing Kit 21 DNA Marker Paternity Test Kit (Lab Fees Only)

You have purchased a (2- Party) Rapid DNA Test Kit on Amazon.  We need to collect some additional information and the lab fees before we proceed with your Paternity / DNA Test.

  • Compete the information above and checkout to complete the registration process
  • All lab fees will be covered for 2 people to get tested. 
  • Enter names of testing parties as they would appear on the envelopes and results. Entering any other name will cause delays in the process.
  • Results will be emailed to you 3 to 5 business days after we receive your samples.


How do I ship and track the sample?

We will provide postage for shipping the samples back to our lab. Inside your kit you will find a FedEx pre-paid shipping label and bag to send your samples back to us.

Important: The FedEx label has a tracking number on the customer portion of the label.  Please use this tracking number to track your package.  We will not be able to confirm if the lab has received the package.  We do not have the tracking number.  We are not at the lab.


When do I get my DNA results? 

Results typically take between 3-5 business days to process. We will email the results as soon as they are posted.


What is the Testing Process?

Your DNA Case file is officially started with us when you register your kit and pay your lab fees. Doing so connects your samples to your case record. Once we receive the sample at the lab a Case Status Report is created all samples and information needed to begin processing your samples are in this case file. You will then receive a final email 3 to 5 business days after the day we receive the samples  notifying you that the results are finalized and we attach a PDF to that email of your final results.


Split Kit Testing

If you are testing 2 people who live in different areas, you will need to purchase 2 kits or you can send the sample collection envelope to the other party for collection.  they will be able to mail it into the lab, however we will only provide one FedEx shipping label per kit.  Important make sure you indicate on the Client Authorization form that a separate sample is being mailed in from "Tested Parties Name" and it should be associated with this "Parties Name"



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