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Don't Wait! Top Reasons to Establish Paternity Now

Determining the legal father of a child is known as establishing paternity. For children born to unwed parents, it is crucial to confirm paternity as soon as possible so that the child can enjoy the rights and advantages of having two legal guardians. 

Although some might think about postponing this procedure, there are numerous reasons why it is essential to establish paternity immediately.

Today, let's talk about the top five reasons why it is crucial to determine paternity as soon as possible.

1. Legal Rights and Responsibilities

When paternity is confirmed, the father gains legal rights and obligations concerning the child. These rights involve the ability to pursue custody and visitation, while the responsibilities include ensuring the child's financial needs are met. In certain situations, the father may also be required to supply health insurance and contribute to other costs associated with raising the child.

Establishing paternity guarantees that the child has the right to inherit from their father's estate if he passes away. This can be crucial if the father has other children or relatives who might also be eligible for a portion of his estate.

2. Emotional Benefits for the Child

Children who grow up knowing both of their parents often experience a sense of belonging and security that can be crucial to their emotional development. Establishing paternity early on allows the child to bond with both parents, which can lead to a more stable and fulfilling childhood.

Research consistently shows that children with involved fathers fare better emotionally, academically, and socially. They have fewer behavioral problems, higher self-esteem, and better peer relationships. This can also set the foundation for a positive father-child relationship that will benefit your child.

3. Access to Family Medical History

Establishing paternity as soon as possible is crucial, primarily to obtain the father's family medical history. This knowledge is essential in addressing potential health issues and comprehending the child's susceptibility to specific genetic disorders.

For example, if the father's family has a history of heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, this information can help the child's healthcare providers develop an appropriate preventative care plan. It may also be useful when determining whether certain vaccinations or screenings are necessary for the child.

4. Financial Security

Determining fatherhood immediately can offer economic stability for the child by guaranteeing they obtain suitable child support and any other entitlements they may have. Besides regular child support contributions, the child might qualify for Social Security advantages, veterans' benefits, or other government aid schemes depending on the father's eligibility.

Additionally, in the event of the father's death, the child may receive survivor benefits through Social Security or the father's life insurance policy. By establishing paternity immediately, you can help ensure your child is financially protected and has the necessary resources.

5. Simplified Legal Process

When paternity is established early, there is a reduced likelihood of disputes and legal battles over custody, visitation, and child support. This saves time and money and helps minimize the emotional stress resulting from a drawn-out legal process.

Additionally, in certain states, delaying the establishment of paternity may lead to legal challenges. This is because some states enforce a time limit on when paternity can be confirmed, and others may necessitate extra-legal procedures if paternity is not determined within a specific time period.


Establishing paternity right away is crucial for the well-being of your child. It provides them with legal rights, emotional security, access to family medical history, and financial security, and simplifies the legal process for all parties involved. 

Taking this important step as soon as possible can help set the foundation for your child's happy, healthy, and secure future. Don't wait—establish paternity today and invest in your child's future.

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