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Cholesterol Panel

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Cholesterol Panel

The Cholesterol Test Panel measures the levels of lipids in your blood. Lipids are substances that can be harmful to your heart and arteries if they are present in high levels.

This panel measures LDL (bad) cholesterol, HDL (good) cholesterol, and triglycerides (the fat in blood). Knowing your lipid levels is important because high levels usually have no symptoms, and some people can have high lipid levels for years without knowing it. That's why it's so important to get tested regularly.

It is strongly recommended that you fast for 8-12 hours before your blood is drawn, but it is not required. Fasting before your blood test means that you don't eat or drink anything except water.

This test may be helpful for those who have:

  1. Never checked your lipid levels or haven't checked them in several years
  2. A family history of high cholesterol or heart disease
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Diabetes
  5. Overweight issues or obese
  6. A diet high in fat, processed foods, or sugar
  7. Not been physically activity
  8. Been smoking or use tobacco

    Turnaround time for this screenings is typically 1 business day. Additional time may be needed for confirmation due to high volume of people testing.


    Orders not permitted in: New York