Herpes Panel HSV 1,2 & IgM Screening + CBC

$ 349.00

You can visit any lab location on this list. Simply enter your city of zip code to find additional locations. Click the location for hours and directions.

Our doctors recommend testing for the most common STDs:

  • Herpes 1 (Select) Test
  • Herpes 2 (Select) Test
  • Herpes IGM 1 and 2 Test
  • CBC - Complete Blood Count

NOTE: If you know you’ve been exposed to HIV or Hepatitis B in the last 72 hours, please go to an emergency room or urgent care clinic immediately to receive preventive treatment


How testing works


    Provide a blood and/or urine sample. Just 15 minutes, no appointment needed.


    Results delivered online in 3 business days or less.


    Speak to a doctor, receive treatment, and/or find local care if needed.

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